RIPE Meeting Mentors

RIPE Meeting Mentors are available throughout the meeting week to help answer any questions you may have concerning areas of interest commonly talked about in the RIPE community. They are RIPE Meeting “veterans” and have a lot of useful insight and experience that they are willing to share with you. If you are curious about the history of a discussion on a mailing list, would like clarification on an issue or just would like to pick their brain, feel free to stop them for a chat. They will be milling about throughout the week and we highly recommend taking advantage of their expertise.

This is the first time we’ve had a mentor programme at a RIPE Meeting so please let us know what you think. If we think it’s been successful, we’ll continue it for future meetings.

Jim Reid, RTFM


About Jim:

I have been doing Internet stuff for almost 30 years, over half of it specialising in the Domain Name System. I’ve been co-chair of RIPE’s DNS Working Group for just over 10 years and been to just about every RIPE meeting since 2000. Despite specialising in DNS, I’m interested in other aspects of Internet infrastructure: security, IXPs, routing, crypto, address policy, governance issues and so on. I’m on the steering committee for IXScotland. I’ve been to a very unhealthy number of ITU and ICANN meetings. And it shows…

Talk to Jim about: DNS, security, IXPs, routing, crypto, address policy, governance issues

Likes: good beer, fine single malt, Elmore Leonard novels, BSD Unix, high-end audio
Dislikes: Heathrow airport (except T5), London, speed cameras, office “productivity” software


Nina Bargisen, Netflix


Talk to Nina about: peering


Andy Davidson, LONAP & Allegro Networks / IIX


Talk to Andy about: IXPs, address policy


Dave Wilson, HEAnet


About Dave:

Dave works for HEAnet, the Irish National Research & Education Network. In RIPE, he has served as chair of the netnews working group and a member of the Number Resource Organisation Number Council. In his day job, he’s responsible for layer 3 routing and peering, which puts him in contact with other networks a lot, and he has spent an unhealthy amount of time talking about IPv6.

Talk to Dave about: Address policy, IPv6, legacy resources


Bijal Sanghani, EURO-IX


Talk to Bijal about: IXPs, RIPE NCC Services