Presentation Archive

Presenter NameSessionPresentation Title
Menno SchepersClosing PlenaryRIPE Meeting Technical Report2014-11-07
Hans Petter HolenClosing PlenaryClosing Plenary2014-11-07
David FreedmanClosing PlenaryRequirements for BGP Modelling2014-11-07
Chris BuckridgeClosing PlenaryITU Plenipotentiary 2014 Update2014-11-07
Benno OvereinderNRO/RIR ReportsRIPE PC Elections2014-11-07
Ingrid WijteNRO/RIR ReportsNRO Statistics2014-11-07
Axel PawlikNRO/RIR ReportsNRO Update2014-11-07
Aaron HughesNRO/RIR ReportsARIN Update2014-11-07
George KuoNRO/RIR ReportsAPNIC Update2014-11-07
Jason SchillerClosing PlenaryQUIC: Why Should I Care About Quick UDP Internet Connections?2014-11-07
Gokool MadhviNRO/RIR ReportsAFRINIC Update2014-11-06
Diego MenaNRO/RIR ReportsLACNIC Update2014-11-06
Geoff HustonClosing PlenaryWho's Watching?2014-11-06
Philip Homburg, Vesna Manojlovic and Christopher AminWorkshopAdvanced Topics in RIPE Atlas Usage2014-11-06
Job SnijdersDatabaseG. "Reviving" the Working Group, Active Participation2014-11-06
Benno OvereinderRoutingC. Quantitative Analysis of BGP Route Leaks2014-11-06
Sacha van GeffenCooperationWhy we care to be a Socially Responsible ISP2014-11-06
Alexander AzimovRoutingEverybody Leaks2014-11-06
joao damasRoutingCharter and WG Chair Re-selection2014-11-06
Collin AndersonCooperationISP Interconnection and Consumer Internet Performance2014-11-06
Tim BruijnzeelsDatabaseF. Recover Access to a Maintainer Object2014-11-06
Alberto Rodriguez-NatalRoutingLISP & LISPmob: Overview and Use Cases2014-11-06
Kim DaviesNRO/RIR ReportsIANA Update2014-11-06
Chris BuckridgeCooperationUpdate on the IANA Stewardship Transition process2014-11-06
Athina FragkouliCooperationICANN Accountability Process2014-11-06
Enno ReyRoutingB. /48 Considered Harmful? On the Interaction of Strict IPv6 Prefix Filtering and the Needs of Enterprise LIRs2014-11-06
Randy BushCooperationSecuring hardware with Cryptech2014-11-06
George MichaelsonDNSE. Please Don’t Pick the ECDSA-ies2014-11-06
Sander SteffannIPv6E. Document: “IPv6 Troubleshooting for Residential ISP Helpdesks”2014-11-06
Nicolas CARTRONDNSC. DNS Attacks: Can we Still Afford to Use Old, Ineffective Solutions?2014-11-06
Anand BuddhdevDNSB. RIPE NCC Report2014-11-06
Ondřej SurýDNSKnot DNS Resolver2014-11-06
MarcoIPv6A. Welcome and Administravia2014-11-06
Colin Petrie/Nathalie TrenamanIPv6C. IPv6 Experiences – a RIPE Atlas Anchor Project Perspective2014-11-06
Chris BakerDNSD. Dynamic DNS Abuse Overview2014-11-06
Jen LinkovaIPv6G. Establishing a Procedure to Elect Working Group Chairs2014-11-06
Jen LinkovaIPv6B. IPv6 Extension Headers2014-11-06
Tim BruijnzeelsDatabaseE. Personalised Authentication?2014-11-05
Tim BruijnzeelsDatabaseD. New RIPE Database Software Functionality (Proposed, Test, Deployment)2014-11-05
Tim BruijnzeelsDatabaseC. RIPE Database Operational Update2014-11-05
Steffie Jacob EravuchiraMATMeasurement Research within the Python3 Ecosystem2014-11-05
Martin WinterRoutingH. Feedback Required: IPv6 Homenet with IS-IS standard2014-11-05
Kurt Erik LindqvistRIPE NCC ServicesAgenda2014-11-05
Andrew de la HaijeRIPE NCC ServicesE. RIPE NCC Operational Update2014-11-05
Nigel TitleyDatabaseChair selection procedure2014-11-05
Mirjam KühneAnti-AbuseD2. RIPE NCC anti-abuse outreach activities2014-11-05
Jair SantannaAnti-AbuseBooters: the DDoS as a Service phenomenon2014-11-05
Axel PawlikRIPE NCC ServicesC. RIPE NCC Update & Outlook2014-11-05
Jurre van BergenAnti-AbuseE2. Tor censorship countermeasures and how you can help2014-11-05
Nick HilliardRIPE NCC ServicesPublication of Sponsoring LIR for Legacy Internet Resource Holders2014-11-05
Nigel TitleyDatabaseAction Point Roundup2014-11-05
Christian KaufmannMATA. Introduction: Welcome, Scribe, Jabber, Agenda2014-11-05
Daniele IamartinoRoutingD. A Study of BGP Route Origin Registration and Validation2014-11-05
Bijal SanghaniConnect7. Euro-IX & IX-F2014-11-05
Rumy Spratley-KanisRIPE NCC ServicesThe RIPE NCC Academy2014-11-05
Maurice DeanConnect6. CDN Best Practices2014-11-05
Vesna ManojlovicMATE. RIPE Atlas Data Visualisations2014-11-05
Tahar SchaaIPv6D. Progress and Results of Implementing IPv6 at the German Government2014-11-05
Tahar SchaaIPv6D. Progress and Results of Implementing IPv6 at the German Government2014-11-05
Elisa JasinskaConnectIXP Member List API2014-11-05
Remco van MookConnectConnect WG main presentation2014-11-05
Randy Bush for Thomas HolterbachMATB. On the Suitability of Two Large-Scale Internet Measurement Platforms2014-11-05
Brook SchofieldMATC. The Value of WLAN Measurements for the R&E Community2014-11-05
Brook SchofieldMATC. The Value of WLAN Measurements for the R&E Community2014-11-05
Salam Yamout and Maria HällRIPE NCC ServicesWorking For the Good of the Internet2014-11-05
Job SnijdersAddress Policy2014-03 Remove Multihoming Requirement for AS Number2014-11-05
Erik BaisAddress PolicyTransfer Policy for IPv6 Allocations2014-11-05
Erik BaisAddress PolicyTransfer Policy for AS Numbers2014-11-05
Paul JakmaOpen SourceQuagga Update2014-11-05
Emile AbenMATD. OpenIPMap (Crowdsourcing Internet Infrastructure Geolocation)2014-11-05
Sandra BrownAddress Policy2014-05 Policy for Inter-RIR Transfer of Internet Resources2014-11-05
Brian NisbetAnti-AbuseAAWG Agenda, RIPE 692014-11-05
Sander SteffannAddress PolicyB. WG Chair Selection Process2014-11-05
Ondrej FilipOpen SourceBird Update2014-11-05
Ondrej FilipOpen SourceF. Open-Source WG Chair Terms and Directions2014-11-05
Ondřej SurýOpen SourceUsing OpenSource to develop OpenSource2014-11-05
Sara DickinsonOpen SourceHedgehog2014-11-05
Thomas ManginOpen SourceD Use cases of ExaBGP, How ExaBGP Got Where It Is and What Is Next2014-11-05
Andrea CimaAddress Policy“SHOULD” and “MUST” in the policy text2014-11-05
Andrea CimaAddress PolicyD. Feedback From RIPE NCC Registration Services (and discussion with the group)2014-11-05
Thomas ManginOpen SourceD Use cases of ExaBGP, How ExaBGP Got Where It Is and What Is Next2014-11-05
Marco SchmidtAddress PolicyCurrent Policy Topics2014-11-05
Jaap AkkerhuisN/ANews About NSD 4.12014-11-04
Gert DoeringAddress Policysteering slides2014-11-04
Keith MitchellBoFUKNOF Experiences2014-11-04
Sander SteffannAddress Policy2014-04 relax IPv6 requirement for allocations from last /82014-11-04
Tomas HlavacekAnti-AbuseE1. Impact of rom-0 vulnerability in SOHO routers2014-11-04
Uta Meier-HahnConnect4. Social Side of Internet Interconnection2014-11-04
Thomas ManginRoutingF. ExaBGP2014-11-04
Roberto di LalloRACIIXPs: is De-peering the Right Choice?2014-11-04
Martin WinterOpen SourceAgenda2014-11-04
Peter van DijkOpen SourcePowerDNS Lua Policy Engine2014-11-04
Luuk HendriksRACIFlow-based SSH Compromise Detection2014-11-04
Marco HogewoningRACIRACI Introduction2014-11-04
Martin JohnConnect5. IP Interconnection for Voice2014-11-04
Kurt Erik LindqvistRIPE NCC ServicesH. RIPE NCC Services WG Chair Elections2014-11-04
Jim ReidDNSF. DNS Working Group Organisational Discussion2014-11-04
Tore AndersonPlenarySIIT-DC: IPv4 Service Continuity for IPv6 Data Centres2014-11-04
Job SnijdersPlenaryProtecting the Routing Table: Golden Prefixes2014-11-04
Agustín FormosoPlenarySimon Project: Determining Latin America and Caribbean Internet Connectivity Through Latency Measurements2014-11-04
Jen LinkovaPlenaryStop Thinking IPv4; IPv6 is Here2014-11-04
Ivo DijkhuisRIPE NCC ServicesG. How the RIPE NCC handled the recent security threats – Heartbleed, Shellshock and Poodle2014-11-04
Steven MurdochPlenaryChallenges in Building Overlay Networks: a Case Study of Tor2014-11-03
Aaron HughesBCOP Task ForceB. BCOP Around the World2014-11-03
Aaron HughesBCOP Task ForceE. BCP38 + Enterprise and IX Filtering2014-11-03
Benno OvereinderBCOP Task ForceOpening2014-11-03
Bijal SanghaniBCOP Task ForceC. Euro-IX IXP BCOPs2014-11-03
Guilllaume ValadonBCOP Task ForceBGP BCOP2014-11-03
Nat MorrisPlenaryAnycast on a shoe string2014-11-03
Sander SteffannBCOP Task ForceD. IPv6 Troubleshooting for Helpdesks2014-11-03
Jeff OsbornPlenaryHow the Hell Should We Fund Open Source?2014-11-03
Ondřej CaletkaPlenaryChallenges in endpoint DNSSEC2014-11-03
Iljitsch van BeijnumBCOP Task ForceControlled IPv6 deaggregation by large organizations2014-11-03
Job SnijdersPlenaryNLNOG RING SQA - Blazing Fast Partial Outage Detection2014-11-03
Brett CarrPlenaryName Collision Controlled Interruption2014-11-03
Shawn MorrisPlenarySDN: A Realistic Evaluation2014-11-03
Filiz YilmazOpening PlenaryRIPE Programme Committee (PC)2014-11-03
Raymond ChengPlenaryuProxy: a Social Proxy for Your Browser2014-11-03
Rumy Spratley-KanisTutorialsIntroduction to RIPE Meetings2014-11-03
Michele McCannOpening PlenaryiGDP in Africa2014-11-03
Christian TeuschelTutorialsBasic RIPE NCC Tools for Network Diagnostics and Monitoring2014-11-03
Hans Petter Holen and Axel PawlikNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE Meeting 1012014-11-02
Hans Petter HolenOpening PlenaryWelcome to RIPE 692014-11-02
William WaitesOpening PlenaryCommunity Networking in Scotland2014-11-02
Tatiana TropinaPlenaryRecent Developments of Cybersecurity Legislation in the EU: From Voluntary Approaches Back to Regulation?2014-11-01
Geoff HustonPlenaryThe Resolvers We Use2014-11-01
Andrei RobachevskyBCOP Task ForceMANRS (aka Routing Resilience Manifesto)2014-10-31
Andrei RobachevskyPlenaryHow can we work together to improve security and resilience of the global routing system?2014-10-31
Wouter de Vries & José Jair SantannaPlenaryHow Asymmetric is the Internet? A Study to Reinforce the use of Traceroute2014-10-31
Alan MauldinPlenaryThe Flat Earth Theory: Convergence of Prices Around the World2014-10-30
Giacomo BernardiPlenarySDN For Real!2014-10-30
Grzegorz JereczekPlenaryData Acquisition Networks for Large Experiments2014-10-29