Technical Information


We will provide two SSIDs at RIPE 69. The network names are:
ripemtg (5 GHz, 802.11 a/n compliant)
ripemtg-2.4 (2.4 GHz, 802.11 g/n compliant)

The WiFi is protected using a passphrase that is printed in your RIPE 69 badge booklet. The password is also available at the Registration Desk.


IPv4 addresses are assigned dynamically from the RIPE Meeting address space. IPv6 addresses are assigned using route advertisement. DHCPv6 provides the list of DNS resolvers.

Static Addresses

Please do not configure your own IP. If you need a static IP, please go to the OPS Room.

Terminal Room

If you need a quiet place to use a computer or to print, please visit the Terminal Room. All machines have MS Office, iWork and Open Office installed. A printer is provided (

Connectivity Problem

If you encounter any problems accessing the RIPE Meeting network, please email opsmtg [at] ripe [dot] net. To speed up the troubleshooting process, you can use this script on Mac OS X or Linux and send the results to the Technical Team for a quicker resolution.

Internet Connectivity and Network Information

Announcements about technical information and connectivity will be posted at the RIPE NCC Info Hub and online.

You can report technical issues to the RIPE NCC Technical Crew or to staff at the Registration Desk.