Routing Working Group Draft Agenda

Thursday, 6 November 14:00 - 15:30

Administrivia [5 minutes]
  • Thanks to the scribes and stenographers
  • Approval of minutes from RIPE 68
  • Agenda bashing

B. /48 Considered Harmful? On the Interaction of Strict IPv6 Prefix Filtering and the Needs of Enterprise LIRs [20 minutes]

Enno Rey
C. Quantitative Analysis of BGP Route Leaks [20 minutes]
Benjamin Wijchers
D. A Study of BGP Route Origin Registration and Validation [20 minutes]
Daniele Iamartino
E. Charter and WG Chair Re-selection [20 minutes]
Joao Damas and Rob Evans

Thursday, 6 November 16:00 - 17:30

F. ExaBGP [20 minutes]
Thomas Mangin
G. LISPmob: An Open Source Implementation of LISP [20 minutes]
Alberto Rodriguez-Natal
H. Feedback Required: IPv6 Homenet with IS-IS standard [20 minutes]
Martin Winter
Z. AOB [20 minutes]