Daily Meeting Report - Thursday, 6 November 2014

Attendees checked in so far: 597

Day four of RIPE 69 was the second day of RIPE Working Group (WG) sessions. Highlights from the day’s sessions included:


  • RIPE NCC’s experience with IPv6 and RIPE Atlas anchor operators
  • IPv6 deployment in Germany’s government network
  • A discussion about the BCOP Task Force document “IPv6 Troubleshooting for Residential ISP Helpdesks”; the comment period will be extended for two weeks on the mailing list
  • Co-chairs Marco Hogewoning and Shane Kerr stepped down and welcomed incoming co-chairs Jen Linkova, Benedikt Stockebrandt and Dave Wilson


  • An update on RIPE NCC DNS activities including a problem in algorithm roll-over in DNSSEC
  • Attacks and abuses of the DNS system
  • A lively discussion with George Michaelson’s presentation about issues associated with using ECDSA in DNSSEC and weaknesses due to the lack of signalling in the protocol


  • An active discussion on IANA stewardship transition and ICANN accountability issues
  • Randy Bush, IIJ, presented about Cryptech and asked the community to support the project
  • Political discussions on operating a socially responsible ISP and grassroots engagement of the EU parliamentary process


  • A lively discussion on how strict operators should be when filtering
  • A quantitative analysis of BGP Route leaks
  • An explanation of the reasons for RPKI invalid states on the global Internet and how not every invalid is as problematic as the other
  • A big thank you from the audience for Joao Damas who is stepping down as co-chair after 12 years of service; people have until RIPE 70 to step forward if they’d like to become a co-chair
  • RACI fellow, Alberto Rodriguez-Natal, talked about the LISP protocol and use cases for LISPmob
  • A discussion about homenet with a request to contribute to the discussions in the IETF


  • Wilfried Woeber has stepped down as WG Chair after many years of dedicated service. The WG thanked him and two volunteers stepped up for the job, Job Snijders and Piotr Strzyzewski
  • During Tim Bruijnzeels’s RIPE Database Operational Update, the proposal to replace the “changed:” attribute with “last-modified:” / “created:” sparked a lively discussion between audience members and RIPE NCC staff; the details will be worked out on the mailing list.
  • Job Snijders’s proposal to “revive” the Working Group received a lot of comments, and Nathalie Trenaman from the RIPE NCC used the opportunity to explain some of their plans for improving the user interface for the RIPE Database. There were suggestions from the audience to adjust the way the “abuse-c:” attribute is being used in the RIPE Database and a lengthy discussion ensued.