15:01 < Felipe_NCC> Hello. Welcome to Measurement, Analysis and Tools Working Group. My name is Felipe Victolla from the RIPE NCC. I will be monitoring chat during this session. If you have a question or comment, I can read it out for you. Please make your questions as clear as possible. I will read out any questions when the speaker asks for questions at the end of his/her presentation. Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the
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15:02 < Felipe_NCC> We had a power outage at Amsterdam and the chat server might not be working well. So you can use twitter instead (with #ripe69)
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15:05 < Felipe_NCC> Randy Bush has begun the presentation "On the Suitability of Two Large-Scale Internet Measurement Platforms".
15:07 < amanda_ncc> <— webcaster sets a preset for Randy and it's not even Randy enough for Randy (manual tweaking needed)
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15:21 < Felipe_NCC> Randy Bush has asked for questions.
15:26 < Felipe_NCC> The presentation has ended.
15:27 < Felipe_NCC> Brook Schofield has begun the presentation "The Value of WLAN Measurements for the R&E Community".
15:43 < Felipe_NCC> Brook Schofield has asked for questions.
15:55 < Felipe_NCC> The presentation has ended.
15:55 < Felipe_NCC> Emile Aben has begun the presentation "OpenIPMap (Crowdsourcing Internet Infrastructure Geolocation)".
15:57 < alisonw> Q: It is possible to use the 'LOC' type in a DNS record for a domain, which is user-created. Has thought been given to getting users themselves to crowd-source where they are? (Dynamic DNS will quickly identify itself)
15:58 < alisonw> (Yes, this is a topic of great interest to me as having to generate such maps in the past. Alison Wheeler, The Creative Organisation (consultant))
15:58 < Habbie> i once toyed with the idea of getting ISPs to put wildcard LOCs on per-neighbourhood ranges, but that never went anywhere
15:58 < Habbie> but LOC has great potential, yes
15:58 < Felipe_NCC> Hi Alison, would you like me to ask this in the microphone?
15:59 < alisonw> Pity. The "standard sources" are so incorrect as they track the location of ISP management facilities, and nothing else
15:59 < alisonw> Felipe_NCC: Yes please.
15:59 < Felipe_NCC> Will do.
15:59 < alisonw> Thanks.
15:59 < Habbie> alisonw, one issue would be that you'd want the LOC to be in the reverse zone, not in the forward zone, which makes dyndns-like applications useless in this area
16:00 < alisonw> Habbie: Yes, the exact problem and why I referred to it being in the domain record only at present.
16:00 < Habbie> understood
16:00 < alisonw> Somehow it needs to become "on the other query"
16:00 < ripe697> so yes (indeed)
16:00 < alisonw> indeed, I've toyed with creating a site in the past to get this user-generated
16:01 < alisonw> Even just putting a standard filename (akin to robots.txt) on the landing page of an IP address would help.
16:02 < Habbie> under /.well-known/ then
16:02 < alisonw> (I joined the mailing lst a couple of hours ago when reading the slides!)
16:03 < jbond-20144> guys from google wrote up this after having chatting with them about geoloc problems with the ripe meeting network
16:03 < jbond-20144>
16:04 < Felipe_NCC> Emile Aben has asked for questions.
16:05 < alisonw> No it isn't! Reverse DNS tools are accurate in countries/locales where the ISP is comparatively local. UK-side ISPs for instance are almost all wrong.
16:05 < RIPE_ME> (
16:05 < alisonw> "UK-wide"
16:05 < alisonw> I'm in central London. Reverse usually puts me in Truro (Cornwall)
16:05 < RIPE_ME> )
16:06 < Habbie> DSL in .nl used to be a /24 per DSLAM or such
16:06 < Habbie> but this is no longer common
16:07 < alisonw> and my servers are about 30 miles north but are "located" at my ISP's offices near Manchester
16:07 < Felipe_NCC> The presentation has ended.
16:07 < Felipe_NCC> Vesna Manojlovic has begun the presentation "RIPE Atlas Data Visualisations".
16:07 < alisonw> jbond-20144: that link isn't showing up for me 🙁
16:07 < Habbie> me neither from ripe wifi
16:07 < Habbie> it works in w3m from another box
16:08 < jbond-20144> strange im on ripe wifi, try this
16:08 < Habbie> mirrored at
16:08 < ripe867> )
16:08 < alisonw> even getting link from a Google search it isn't comng up. (hmmmn ....)
16:09 < Habbie> is fickle
16:09 < Habbie> always has been
16:09 * alisonw uses cached version
16:09 < Habbie> 🙂
16:09 * jbond-20144 loves the green dot in china for b
16:09 < alisonw>
16:16 < Felipe_NCC> Vesna Manojlovic has asked for questions.
16:20 < alisonw> (wonder if I should mention that in the naming scheme for our machines we do actually have one called "vesna"...)
16:20 < Felipe_NCC> The presentation has ended.
16:22 < Felipe_NCC> Vaibhav Bajpai has begun the presentation "Python and RIPE Atlas".
16:30 < Felipe_NCC> Vaibhav Bajpai has asked for questions.
16:31 < Felipe_NCC> This session has now ended.