12:05 < Felipe_NCC> Hello. Welcome to Closing Plenary. My name is Felipe Victolla from the RIPE NCC. I will be monitoring chat during this session. If you have a question or comment, I can read it out for you. Please make your questions as clear as possible. I will read out any questions when the speaker asks for questions at the end of his/her presentation. Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
12:05 < Felipe_NCC>
12:06 < Felipe_NCC> Chris Buckridge has begun the presentation "ITU Plenipotentiary 2014 Update".
12:16 < Felipe_NCC> Chris Buckridge has asked for questions.
12:17 < Felipe_NCC> The presentation has ended.
12:17 < job> QUIC!
12:18 < Felipe_NCC> Jason Schiller has begun the presentation "QUIC: Why Should I Care About Quick UDP Internet Connections?"
12:19 < rhe-786> Not to be confused with QIC (showing my age).
12:22 < rvs> wouldn't this just facilitate ddos?
12:23 < rvs> ah job is already asking this
12:23 < Felipe_NCC> Any questions for Jason Schiller?
12:27 < Felipe_NCC> The presentation has ended.
12:27 < Felipe_NCC> David Freedman has begun the presentation "Requirements for BGP Modelling".
12:32 < Felipe_NCC> David Freedman has asked for questions.
12:32 < Felipe_NCC> The presentation has ended.
12:32 < Felipe_NCC> Geoff Huston has begun the presentation "Who's Watching?".
12:37 < alisonw> I wonder whether Geoff has talked with Project Honeypot ( ) who have used something very similar to trace spam harvesters quite successfully.
12:37 < shane> Geoff doesn't collaborate much.
12:38 < alisonw> well, yes, but the concept is basically the same, hence my wondering what crossover there might be
12:38 < shane> Well, it is possibly nice to have completely independent studies. Thinking of this as science, I mean. 🙂
12:41 < boggits> Huawei content filter...
12:44 < shane> Maybe it's not "stalking"? :-/
12:44 < alisonw> #applauds
12:44 < alisonw> shane: yes, I read ahead in the presentation too 😉
12:47 < Felipe_NCC> Geoff Huston has asked for questions.
12:50 < Felipe_NCC> The presentation has ended.
12:51 < Felipe_NCC> Menno Schepers has begun the presentation "RIPE Meeting Technical Report".
12:52 < alisonw> Hah! The whole of that hotel has the same connectivity as my London flat does just for me. :-0
13:00 < Felipe_NCC> Questions for Menno?
13:02 < Felipe_NCC> The presentation has ended.
13:03 < Felipe_NCC> Hans Petter Holen has started the Closing Plenary.
13:13 < alisonw> Hands up in the room if you want a prize ;-p
13:15 < alisonw> That reads "Tripe". Do people realise what tripe is?
13:16 < will-h> the tripe meeting ?
13:16 < will-h> t'ripe meeting
13:16 < will-h> someday it will come to yorkshire
13:16 < alisonw> iirc tripe is sheep's stomach lining
13:16 < alisonw> allegedly a food delicacy
13:17 < alisonw> lol!
13:19 < lochii> what a load of tripe
13:26 < Felipe_NCC> The session has ended.