--- Day changed Wed Nov 05 2014
15:06 < Ingrid_ncc> Hi, my name is Ingrid wijte, from RIPE NCC. I will be monitoring this session. If you want me to read out your question once the presenter asked for questions,please let me know
15:06 < Ingrid_ncc> Brian has opened the session and asked for comments on the minutes from RIPE 68
15:08 < Ingrid_ncc> Brian gives an overview of Recent list discussion
15:09 < Ingrid_ncc> and AA-WG Chair appointment and removal
15:13 -!- marita is now known as marita_ncc
15:14 < Ingrid_ncc> question and comments?
15:14 < Ingrid_ncc> on the chair appointment and removal?
15:19 < Ingrid_ncc> Mirjam Kuehne has started her presentation "RIPE NCC anti-abuse outreach activities"
15:29 < Ingrid_ncc> Marco Hoogewoning from RIPE NCC has taken over to give na update on LEA engagement
15:31 < Ingrid_ncc> presenters have asked for questions
15:35 < Ingrid_ncc> Jurre van Bergen has started his presentation on Tor censorship countermeasures and how you can help
15:47 < Ingrid_ncc> Jurre asked for questions
15:48 < alx366> could Brian move a bit to show Jurre's fingerprint?
15:49 < amd2-ripe> 2976 FD1A 2ABE FB14 3907 58CE B739
15:49 < amd2-ripe> 2967 EA80 1D02
15:49 < alx366> thanks amd2-ripe
15:49 < amd2-ripe> (taken from the presentation:
15:50 < alx366> there is always a way to circonvent censorship 😉
15:51 < Azi-47720> brian-1213: you can run an exit node. sorted ;p
15:55 < Ingrid_ncc> Tomas Hlavacek has started his presentation "Impact of rom-0 vulnerability in SOHO routers"
15:56 < brian-1213> Azi-47720: Yeah, just that simple. 🙂
15:57 < amd2-ripe> I was actually thinking, if the research networks (I'm from one) should run anything TOR, it should probably come politically though Terena/Geant and the governments than from the technical people just setting it up
15:57 < amd2-ripe> and does TOR really want to be government funded ? 🙂
15:58 < brian-1213> Hmm, TNC 2015 call for papers is still open... hmm...
15:58 < amd2-ripe> that it is 🙂
16:08 < Ingrid_ncc> Tomas has asked for questions
16:18 < Ingrid_ncc> Jair Santanna has started the presentation "DDOS as a Service Investigation"
16:18 < shane> "DDoS as a Service" That is so fantastic!
16:18 < tjeb> 'for stress testing' of course
16:18 < brian-1213> He may not be on camera all the time... we've got a walker...
16:23 < Ingrid_ncc> Jair has asked for questions and comments
16:25 < Ingrid_ncc> AOB?
16:34 < Ingrid_ncc> session has ended